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Holy Ghost Church – A Place of Dominican Preaching Since 1912!

Holy Ghost Window

As Director of Vocations for the Dominican Province of St. Martin de Porres, Fr. Charles Johnson, O.P., makes a regular effort to keep up with Dominican ministries throughout the Southern U.S.  The next stop is Holy Ghost Church and School in Hammond, LA.  It has been a ministry of the Order of Preachers since 1912 and keeps going strong.  Fr. Robert Merced, O.P., serves as pastor of the parish, which ministers to both English and Spanish-speaking Catholics throughout the area.  Fr. Robert is part of a Dominican community that includes three other friars, Fr. Cayet Mangiaracina, O.P., Fr. Rafael Proenza, O.P., and Rev. Br. Mauricio Salazar, O.P.   This weekend, Nov. 15 – 16, 2014, Vocations Director Fr. Charles Johnson, O.P., will be visiting his Dominican brothers at Holy Ghost Church.  Look for Fr. Charlie at the Sunday Masses.  As the Order of Preachers, we’ve been preaching the Good News of Christ throughout the world since 1216 and in Hammond, LA, since 1912.  The message of the Gospel is timeless.  Just like our holy founder St. Dominic, we Dominicans never take a time-out from preaching.  Is God calling you to such an incredible mission? Get to know the Dominicans – vocations@opsouth.org. [...]

Dominicans in Tigers Territory (LSU) on Mon., Nov. 17th


Join Fr. Charles Johnson, OP, Director of Vocations and Christ the King at LSU’s students and community this Monday, November 17th for Mass at 6:00 pm at Christ the King Catholic Church and Catholic Student Center on the campus of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA. Stick around after Mass to join Fr. Charlie for a talk on Dominican Spirituality. In addition, Fr. Charlie will be available to talk with interested students. During this month we celebrate the feast days of Dominican saints Martin de Porres and Albert the Great and all the many Dominican saints, blesseds and martyrs, come and discover the joy and richness of being Catholic on campus. See you there! For more info contact vocations@opsouth.org

Christ on the Quad: “Bringing Christ to the campus and the campus to Christ”


That motto is often heard at Catholic campus ministry gatherings across the country, but as the photo makes clear, it’s more than just a powerful slogan.  Rather, we are talking about “Real Presence” in a real-life college setting.  Where?  It all took place on the quad at the center of campus at the University of Florida in Gainesville.  A team of two Dominican sisters (Sr. Joseph Andrew, OP and Sr. Maria Carol, OP) and four friars (Fr. James Brent, OP, Fr. Benedict Croell, OP, Br. Mariano Veliz, OP and Fr. Charles Johnson, OP – Vocations Director for the Dominican Province of St. Martin de Porres) set out to evangelize the campus in Gainesville from Oct. 29 – Nov. 2, 2014, working hand-in-hand with Fr. Marek Dzien and Fr. David Ruchinski and the staff of St. Augustine Church and Catholic Student Center.  The quad was the place where Christ was present:  in the celebration of the Mass and in the “Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.”  In addition, the Lord offered his mercy there as the Dominican priests ministered the sacrament of Reconciliation to students on their way to and from classes.  Is Christ on your campus?  Of course!  Since the [...]

Happy Feast of St. Martin de Porres

saint martin de porres shrine

Saint’s lives often become stories — vignettes describing charming and delightful episodes attesting to their sainthood.  This holds true for St. Martin de Porres.  St. Martin’s dealings with the rats of Holy Rosary Convent (also known as St. Dominic Convent) in Lima, Peru, are famous.  As are his stories of bi-location, he was seen all across Central America, Mexico, and even Japan!  Perhaps St. Martin is best known as a healer.  He was a barber, an herbalist/pharmacist, a minor surgeon, the convent’s infirmarian, the porter, and performed hundreds of menial tasks.  People, especially the poor, sought him out for his skills and his prayers, and St. Martin was more than willing to help.   St. Martin indeed was all of those things, and so much more.  He was a lay brother (cooperator brother), a non-ordained man, of mixed race born in 1579 in Lima, Peru.  Most importantly, St. Martin was a Dominican friar.   Dominican spirituality takes many forms.  I heard in a recent homily a reminder about we Dominicans — we are the Order of Preachers, we stand on the shoulders of an 800 year tradition, we walk in the footsteps of St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Albert the Great, [...]

Director of Vocations Visits the University of Florida Campus

Bull Gator

Dominican sisters, Sr. Joseph Andrew and Sr. Maria Carol and Dominican friars Benedict Croell, OP, Mariano Veliz, OP and Charles Johnson, OP (Director of Vocations for the Dominican Province of St. Martin de Porres) do the “gator chomp” at Gators Stadium on Wednesday, Oct. 29th at the University of Florida campus. How about your campus? Dominicans preach the good news of Christ no matter who your team mascot might be! Interested? Contact vocations@opsouth.org.