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Raider Catholics – Texas Tech & St. Elizabeth University Parish in Lubbock, TX

Join Fr. Charlie Johnson, O.P., Director of Vocations for the Dominican Province of St. Martin de Porres from January 21-27 as he visits his brother Dominican friars Fr. Bob Perry, O.P., Fr. Emiliano Zapata, O.P., and student brother Carl Joseph Paustian, O.P., who serve the Catholic Community at Texas Tech and St. Elizabeth University Parish.  It has been a place of Dominican preaching since 2010 as the friars continue the Raider Catholic tradition of “bringing Christ to the campus and the campus to Christ.” Follow the mission on www.raidercatholic.org.  

Promote Vocations? …… Promote Life!

Promote Vocations? …… Many ask, “How can we promote vocations to religious life and priesthood in the Catholic Church? Here’s a good response: “Vocations in the Church are promoted by promoting life!”  Consider the Lord’s call to the prophet Jeremiah: “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I dedicated you, a prophet to the nations I appointed you” (Jer 1: 5).  That’s where life begins, that’s where vocations begin. Please join in prayer with the many who will be at the March for Life in our nation’s capital and in communities across our country.  Follow Dominican friar, Father Christopher Schaefgen, O.P. of the Province of St. Martin de Porres, on this website, Facebook and Twitter (see links below) as he and many young Catholics join together to take part in the national March for Life. Promote vocations ….promote life …preach Christ!  Contact the Dominicans at vocations@opsouth.org                              

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – Moving from Division to Reconciliation

In his landmark work, Reconciliation and Penance, Saint Pope John Paul II reminds us that all levels of humanity are marked by a terrible vestige of sin: “the existence of deep and painful divisions.”  Recent events in our country remind us that both on the surface and beneath it, our society is painfully and sinfully divided.  Still, we know the way to justice and reconciliation: Christ. John Paul II exhorts us to hope by reminding us that just as divisions exist, so does an “unmistakable desire among people of good will and true Christians to mend the divisions, to heal the wounds and to re-establish at all levels an essential unity.”  As our country celebrates a national holiday, Dominican friars remember the life and faith-filled witness of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and call upon our holy brother, Saint Martin de Porres, to intercede for us as we renew our commitment to follow Christ in our time by unmasking the sinful divisions in our country, especially those caused by poverty and racial injustice. Are you up to such a mission? Contact the Dominicans at vocations@opsouth.org

SEEK 2015

seek2015 3

Happy New Year!   What at great start to 2015!  From January 1-5 several for the friars were in Nashville for SEEK 2015.  The days were filled with dynamic speakers, priests and religious from across the country, and almost 10,000 students.  Mass, Adoration, fellowship, learning, prayer, and more filled the week.  Take a look at some pictures below and see more at our Facebook Page and Twitter and some videos on the SEEK 2015 site.   Coming up soon, February 13-15, is our Spring Come and See Weekend!  Contact Fr. Charlie Johnson, O.P. if you’re interested.              

Preaching the Truth of Christ since 1216 and concentrating on the South since December 8, 1979!

Happy 35th anniversary of the founding of the Dominican Province of St. Martin de Porres.  Back in 1979, the southern U.S. probably did not look like it was set to become the booming region it has become for the Catholic Church in our country.  Thanks to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Order of Preachers under the direction of the Master of the Order, friar Vincent de Couesnongle, O.P. recognized the promise of the South for our Church in decreeing the establishment of the province.  Since 1979, Dominican friars have been laboring in the vineyard of the Lord in the southern United States under the constant maternal care of the Blessed Mother and the spiritual accompaniment of our patron, St. Martin de Porres, in a way that responds to the unique needs and challenges of the South.  As Dominicans, we are especially proud of our attempts to mirror the universality of Christ and his Church by reaching out to historically minority communities, especially the African-American community and Latino Catholics.  We look to our patron, St. Martin de Porres, for example in making Christ more strongly present in the southern United States and reminding the Church of the need to [...]