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Pascua Joven 2015 – Archdiocese of Miami a Great Success

Pascua Joven 2015

Nearly 150 active Catholic young adults gathered to celebrate our faith in the Risen Lord at the “Pascua Joven 2015″ held on Saturday, April 11th at Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Miami.  Nearly all countries of the “Americas” were represented by the diverse heritages of young hispanic Catholics who took part in the event.  For Dominican priest and Vocations Director, “gringo” friar Charles Johnson, O.P., the day was a great opportunity for Dominicans to be present with the young – “joven” – Church. “Everybody talks about diversity, but the Catholic Church makes it happen, makes it real, since it is in Christ that we are truly brought together across borders as brothers and sisters.  What a great thing it is for the Order of Preachers to be present and a part of that blessing,” remarked Padre Charlie.   San Martin de Porres, “Ruega por nosotros, Pray for us.”  

Pascua Joven 2015 in Miami

Join Fr. Charles Johnson, O.P., Director of Vocations for the Dominican Province of St. Martin de Porres, this Saturday, April 11th at the Archdiocese of Miami “Pascua Joven 2015.”  Fr. Charlie will be there for the all-day gathering to be held at Good Shepherd Parish in Miami, which will bring youth and young adults from the area together for a day to celebrate the Risen Lord with prayer, talks, Adoration of the Eucharist, confession and many other great activities.

Dominicans on Campus: Barry University in Miami

Join Fr. Charles Johnson, O.P., Director of Vocations for the Dominican Province of St. Martin de Porres, on campus at Barry University in Miami beginning Thursday, April 9th.  Fr. Charlie will also be at Sunday Masses on campus on April 12th.  Barry University provides a vibrant example of collaboration among Dominican friars of the Province of St. Martin de Porres and the Adrian Dominican Sisters.  Check out Barry and get to know Dominicans Fr. Jorge Presmanes, O.P., who serves as Associate Prof. of Theology and Director of the Institute for Hispanic/Latino Theology & Ministry, Fr. Mark Wedig, O.P., who serves as Professor of Theology and Chair of the Dept. of Theology and Philosophy, and Fr. Cristobal Torres, O.P., who serves as Director of Campus Ministry.

Lumen Christi

May the Risen Christ fill your hearts with joy and peace.  Just as the light of Christ dispels the darkness of sin in our world and in our lives, so will the hope that shines forth from his Resurrection illuminate your path of discernment of the vocation God calls you to follow.  Special thanks to our Dominican brothers of the province of St. Augustine in Argentina for their Easter greeting and for supporting us in prayer in the important task of promoting vocations to continue the preaching mission of St. Dominic in our day and age.

Discernment by Discipleship

                        Lots of questions, much time spent praying and thinking and occasional doubts are all part of discerning a vocation to Dominican life and the decision to follow Christ as a friar preacher in the mold of St. Dominic.  As the Sacred Triduum begins with Holy Thursday Mass, aspects of Jesus’ life are commemorated that can be challenging to understand and follow. Undoubtedly, the disciples were surprised and, it seems, puzzled by the Lord’s actions as he knelt down and began washing their feet at the Last Supper. The Lord simply got down to work and gave us a lesson to follow. Oftentimes, the best way to overcome doubts and find some answers to your discernment questions is to think less and imitate Jesus more. Dominicans are called to be leaders in guiding others to salvation, but we are only able to do so by humbly following the One who saves. Interested in joining us on this path?  Contact us at  vocations@opsouth.org